Basic Program

The curriculum consists of a minimum of 220 hours of online, supervised classroom and hands-on instruction. In addition, each student must review and present an assigned research article and prepare an in-depth case presentation. This case will include a patient consultation for chiropractic/veterinary spinal manipulative care, including primary complaint, history, objective findings, physical findings, adjustments performed, outcome and progress plan.

A total of 5 modules will encompass a curriculum. Each Module consists of classroom lectures, synchronous, and asynchronous online lectures and 3 or 4 in-class lab days beginning Thursday or Friday until Sunday.  


North American applicants must have graduated from an accredited veterinary school of medicine or CCE accredited chiropractic school, hold current licenses from their respective provinces or states and be in good standing. License and diploma documentation must accompany the application. International applicants must provide Visa or passport information, diploma and proper governmental licensure for the country in which the applicant is currently practicing. In all cases, two character references and two passport-size photos are required. Chiropractors must investigate and provide (in writing) an understanding of the provincial/state regulations set forth by the veterinary and chiropractic licensing boards of their jurisdiction regarding the treatment of animals. Veterinarians must investigate and provide (in writing) an understanding of their provincial/state legislation regarding the use of the title Chiropractor, including any penalties for an offence.

Dates beginning the fall of 2024:   


  • Module 1  September  13-15, 2024 (3 days). (Online work pre and post this Module)
  • Module 2  October 17-20,  2024 (4 days). (Online work pre and post this Module)
  • Module 3  November 21-24,  2024 (4 days).   (Online work pre and post this Module)
  • Module 4  January 9-12, 2025 (4 days).   (Online work pre and post this Module)
  • Module 5  February 13-16 2025 (4 days). (Online work before this Module)


Performance Evaluation

Students are evaluated by various methods, including written tests, oral presentations, online tests, case studies, and individual reports. To successfully complete the program, students must attain a minimum grade of 75%.


A 100% attendance is required in class and completion of all online requirements. We will not give credit for weekend seminars, videotaped seminars, correspondence seminars or "gained experience" outside our program. Please note that no audio or visual reproduction of any lectures, labs, or notes is permitted.


The program cost is $7930.00 CAD + 13% HST. A minimum (non-refundable) deposit of $1450.00 + HST must accompany the application. The balance of $6480.00 + HST is due on or before the onset of any online or in-person classes. Should the applicant withdraw by the end of the first Module, 50% of the total cost of the program will be refunded. No refunds are given after the first Module.

Suppose an applicant has already completed an animal chiropractic program sanctioned by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA) or the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA). In this case, auditing this program is permitted, including the options for both online and in-class portions of the curriculum, the in-class (lab) portion only or 5 virtual hours of lecture only. The price (without certification examination by this institution) for auditing all modules, including online and in-class material, will be $7625.00 CAD + 13% HST. The application must include a non-refundable deposit of $2550.00 + HST. The balance ($5075.00 + HST) is due on or before the onset of any online or in-person classes. Those who audit the program will not receive certification from the Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre. Full tuition must be paid to receive certification after successfully completing all the requirements. Qualifying doctors can also audit on a "per module" basis. This could include both the online and in-class portions of the curriculum at a rate of $1735.00 CAD + HST. Other options for auditing include attending only the Saturday and Sunday portions of the Module (hands-on lab) at a rate of $1450 CAD + HST per Module OR attending five virtual hours of the curriculum at a rate of $650 CAD + HST. **Please see the Continuing Education section of this website for more details. 

The student will receive confirmation of their reservation by email once all applicable admission requirements have been fulfilled.


This program is approved by the AVCA. Upon successfully completing the program, veterinarians will receive a certificate in Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy (CVSMT), and chiropractors in Animal Chiropractic (CAC).

Successful completion of our program enables doctors the opportunity to sit for the professional certification exam available through the ACCC/AVCA. See the AVCA website for information on why professional certification is important.

Course Outline:

  • Anatomy
  • Basic Neurology
  • Advanced Neurology
  • Scientific Validity
  • Biomechanics
  • Ethics and Legalities
  • Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Alternative/Complementary Therapy Modalities
  • Basic Chiropractic Techniques Lecture
  • Basic Chiropractic Techniques Lab
  • Case Presentations
  • Philosophy
  • Adjunctive Veterinary Diagnosis
  • Alternative Techniques
  • Veterinary Pathology
  • Chiropractic Pathology
  • Advanced Chiropractic Techniques

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About Veterinary Chiropractic

In concert with appropriate veterinary care, many specific musculo-skeletal conditions are well addressed by animal chiropractic. In addition, numerous animal care-takers understand the value of chiropractic in the over-all health and wellness of their dogs, cats, horses and other animals. Benefits of animal chiropractic include, enhanced performance, function and quality of life.

About The VCLC

The staff of the Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre has over 170 years of combined experience in both Veterinary Medicine and Chiropractic. Our students gain the benefit of this diverse expertise. We welcome Doctors of Veterinary Medicine and Chiropractic to our website and ultimately to our programs.